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The Suncoast Pickleball Association is a Licensed and Insured, L.L.C. located in Sarasota, Florida.  Our mission to to help grow the sport of Pickleball, the sport we all enjoy and love!  We do this by offering a Player Development Program that includes places to play, clinics and lessons as well as being Tournament Directors for Social Tournaments (as well as Sanctioned ones) throughout Central Florida and beyond.  

Our desire is for all players no matter what level to improve and feel good about the sport of Pickleball.   Our site offers free player tips and links for players development. It also offers Beginner or Social Tournaments to the first time tournament player!   This is so exciting for us because we will be seeing players build their skills and 

confidence while meeting other players that really enjoying the sport too!  

The site will act as a place to go for Pickleball Player Developmentin this order:

1) Put a paddle in your hand and introduce you to the sport and it's rules.

2) Locate places to play in your area and enjoy Pickleball with others.

3) Start participating in clinics and lessons to improve your skills.

4) Check the Suncoast Pickleball Association web-site for player tips.

4) Enter in a local SUNCOAST Pickleball Tournament and enjoy the fun!

Our site will act as your tournament web site to enter local Suncoast Pickleball Association Tournamentsand Clinics in your area.  We also have the experience and knowledge to be your next Tournament Director and raise money for your local Pickleball Club. We work with Pickleball Clubs from all over the state to find the right type of Pickleball Tournament that's just right for you!  

Finally, this site will also be used to locate and train referees interested in the USAPA Certified Officials Training Program This training (still being developed by the USAPA) is a perfect way to stay involved in the game we love!

WE Provide Everything For Your Pickleball Needs

Thanks so much for your participation!!!  See ya in the Mountains!!!