​Suncoast Pickleball Association Pickleball Camps

In 2016, Suncoast Pickleball Association was the very first company to offer Pickleball "Boot Camps" here in America.  Since then Suncoast has offered these amazing camps due to having an array of Certified Pickleball Professionals, proven learning techniques as well as strong organizations skills needed to run a successful camp.  The camps are the perfect opportunity to improve your game among other players and Pro Pickleball Instructors.  Enjoy the surroundings, meeting new friends and participate in fantastic social activities for the week!!!  Click on the camp below for more information and to register!!! Some Camps include: room, meals, instruction, strategies, video analysts, nightly socials and plenty of pickleball!

           Date                                                          Site                                                                                   Projected Pro's                                                                                                       Click below to Register

January 28-30th, 2020                   PicklePlex- Punta Gorda, Florida                    John Sperling, David Duncan, Scott Tingley & Barry Waddell                               Registration Opens October 1st, 2019

March 24-26th, 2020                      PicklePlex- Punta Gorda, Florida                  John Sperling, David Duncan, Scott Tingley & Coach Russell                                    Registration Opens- February 1st-2020


May  11th-15th, 2020                   YMCA Assembly- Black Mountain, NC          Helle Sparre, Lindsey Newman, Laura Fenton, Coach Russell                                       Registration Opens- February 1st -2020

July 21-23, 2020                             Civic Center Park-Mentor, Ohio                 Jennifer Lucore, Gigi LeMaster, Stephanie Lane, John Sperling, Scott Tingley            Registration Open- February 15th-2020

September 13th-18th, 2020           Montreat, NC- Asheville, NC                     Deb Harrison, Laura Fenton, Barry Waddell, Helle Sparre, Lindsey & Riley Newman     Registration Opens- March 1st,-2020 

September 20th -25th, 2020         Montreat, NC - Asheville, NC                  John Sperling, Scott Tingley, GiGi LeMaster, Mindy Yoder, Michelle Esquival, Tony Roig    Registration Open- March 1st -2020                                                                                                                                                                            

Future  2020 Premier Pickleball Improvement Camps