​Suncoast Pickleball Association Pickleball Camps

Coming in January-2020

Suncoast Pickleball Training Academy 

When: TBA 

Time:    TBA (Intermediates)

             TBA (Advanced)

Where:  Sarasota


Levels:  Intermediates 3.5-4.0

             Advanced 4.0-4.5 plus

Cost:    $5/session


Coach Russell has all the knowledge and experience working with all the World's Top Pro's and will provide you with all kinds of amazing skills drills and various games that will have you engaged and focused on improving your game without the desire to actually play the game!

To Register: 

Simply email me at coachrusselle@gmail.com or Call (813) 298-2022

LIMIITED to:  First 8 players per weekly session !!!


NVZ drills and Games

NVZ lobs, dinks & tags

NVZ Strategies & shot selections

NVZ blockling and drop shots

Mid-court 3rd/5th shots

Mid-court driving

Mid-court volley lobs

Baseline Driving

Baseline 3rd shots

Serve and return drills

Player Video Critiques

Player Game Statistics 

AND much, much more!!!

Yup....You heard it.....PRACTICE!!!!!  The most underutilized charactertistic in all of Pickleball.  We all love to learn and play the game but very few of us PRACTICE......We spend all this money on lessons and clinics but it seems no one takes advantage of it!   I know.... it's so hard to find practice partners.....But now here's your chance.....No more complaining about it!  I'll even bring the nets and the balls! 

You'll be motivated NOT to play games as Coach Russell utilizes stimulating and motivating skill activities that will definitely improve your game!  Coach Russell also plans on using Video and Statistic Analysis to analyze your strengths and weaknesses in your game!