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Group Clinic Fee $105.00 for 1 1/2 hrs

Private Lesson Fee $35.00 per hour

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More tips from the Pro's:

Advanced Players:

1. Communicate on which player has the third shot, overhead lobs, balls down the middle, calling out switches, and proper positioning when stacking before the match.

2. Mix up your serve by location, depth, speed, etc but keep your serve in play

3. Don't follow a mistake by your teammate with a simular mistake right afterwards (If your partner hits a serve return out, make sure you keep the next return in)!

4. Mix up your third shot to keep your opponents guessing. (Dinks, Drive or Lob)

5. Move your opponents at the NVZ line when your are in a dink rally and then look for an opening (be patient)

6. Dink at your opponents left foot

7. Be prepared for a hard shot right at you or a lob.

8. Go for your opponents feet on shots

9. Keep your stokes short and sweet

10. Have fun and remember we are all not Professionals!

Intermediate Players:

1. Serve the ball deep rather than going for a location

2. Return deep down the middle to the left players left foot

3. Return and get to the net

4. Keep the serving team back when you are at the net after your return.

5. Mix up your third shot (for the serving team) by driving the ball down the middle, lobbing or attempting a third shot dink

6. Keep your third shot in the middle of the court, not to the sidelines.

7. Both players on the serving team should stay back on third shot until the ball dips below the net or hits in their opponents NVZ

8. Make adjustments for lobbing players by first figuring out which player is lobbing and then positioning yourselves just in front of the mid-court area.

9. Dink or hit softly into the NVZ if your opponents shot is in the NVZ (in tennis we say- drop off your opponents drop shot).

10. Have fun, forget about your misses and don't forget to communicate with your partner!

For Beginners:

1. Always get your serve in (the motion is like bowling).

2. Start your serve about 3' behind the service line and stay behind the service line afterwards.

3. Loft your serve instead of going for power.

4. Position yourself on the court to hit lots of forehands.

5. Always return the ball deep down the middle (try to get 7 out of 10 down the middle)

6. Return the ball with loft, not power.

7. Always return and advance towards the NVZ/kitchen line (high-five drill)

8. Have a backhand grip at the NVZ/kitchen line

9. Try to hit the center service line on most of your shots at least 3 times in a game (only if you want to win)

10.Have fun and encourage your partner at all times.

Coach Russell's Keys for Improving:

Player Development

Thanks so much for your participation!!!  See ya in the Mountains!!!