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Meet the Pros for Montreat 2021

Camp #3 Pros

Sept. 5-10, 2021

Wesley Garielsen

Wesley Gabrielsen started his pickleball journey while he was a student in middle school. Having played pickleball during physical education classes while in middle school, high school and college, he took a few years off after he began his professional career as a high school social studies teacher and tennis coach.

Pickleball legend Christine Barksdale helped reignite Gabrielsen’s passion for the game in 2011, and Wesley has been competing in tournaments ever since. In 2013, he stopped competing in tennis tournaments and made the full time switch to competing in pickleball, which is a decision he is thankful he made!

During his career, he has accumulated success on the courts in singles, doubles and in mixed doubles. Gabrielsen is an eleven time USAPA National Champion, six time Canadian National Champion, two time Tournament of Champions Gold Medalist, and two time U.S. Open Champion.

In addition to his success on the courts, he takes the most pride in the wonderful friendships he has created and sustained in the world of pickleball over the years. When asked about his experiences in pickleball, he replied, “The friendships and fun times on the courts outweigh the championships I have won. There are so many wonderful people in this sport that I am blessed to have met and call my good friends in this life.”


Gold: Mixed Skill/Age Doubles 4.0/4.5/5.0 5.0:19+ (with Simone Jardim)
Silver: Mens Skill/Age Doubles 4.0/4.5/5.0 5.0:19+ (with Morgan Evans)

Silver: Mens Doubles Open Pro (with Dave Weinbach)

Gold: Mixed Age/Skill Doubles 19+:5.0 (with Sarah Ansboury)
Silver: Men's Age/Skills Doubles 19+:5.0 (with Kyle Yates)
Silver: Men’s Open Doubles (with Kyle Yates)
Bronze: Mixed Open Doubles (with Sarah Ansboury)

Bronze: Mens Doubles Open Pro (with Matt Wright)
Bronze: Mixed Doubles Open Pro (with Sarah Ansboury)

Gold: Men's Doubles 19+(with Kyle Yates)
Bronze: Mixed Open Doubles 19+ (with Sarah Ansboury)

Gold: Mens Open Doubles Masters (with Kyle Yates)
Gold: Mixed Open Doubles Masters (with Sarah Ansboury)

• 2016 US OPEN
Gold: Men’s Doubles Age Groups 19+(with Kyle Yates)
Gold: Mixed Doubles Age Groups 30+ (with Alex Hamner)
Silver: Men’s Open Doubles (with Daniel Moore)

Gold: Men’s Doubles (with Steve Dawson)
Silver: Mixed Open Doubles (with Christine Barksdale)

Gold: Men’s Open Doubles (with Timothy Nelson)
Gold: Mixed Open Doubles (with Christine Barksdale)
Gold: Men’s Open Singles

Gold: Mens Doubles 19+ (with Kyle Yates)

Gold: Mens Open Doubles (with Enrique Ruiz)
Gold: Mixed Open Doubles (with Christine Barksdale)
Silver: Mens Singles Open
Silver: Men's Doubles 19+ (with Enrique Ruiz)
Silver: Men's Singles 19+

Gold: Mixed Open Doubles (with Christine Barksdale)
Gold: Men’s Open Singles

Gold: Men's Doubles 19+ (with Aspen Kern)
Gold: Mixed Doubles 19+ (with Christine Barksdale)
Gold: Men's Singles 19+
Silver: Men’s Open Singles

Bronze: Mixed Open Doubles (with Christine Barksdale)

Rick Witsken

Rick is the proud founder and owner of Team Witsken, which runs indoor tennis programs in Indianapolis and its surrounding area communities for the past 16 years. In addition to tennis, Team Witsken also offers Pickleball programs for all ages and levels. Rick is the head coach of the Zionsville girls and Carmel boys and girls middle school teams.

He is the seventh of eight children of Bud and Marilyn Witsken, was a two-time Indiana State Champion in singles and was one of four siblings to earn full tennis scholarships to a Division I school. At the University of Alabama, Rick was a two-time All-American, reaching the No. 1 doubles ranking in the country.

Rick was world-ranked on the ATP Tour in both singles and doubles. He began his post-playing career working with his brother, Todd Witsken, at the Indianapolis Tennis Center, serving as Tennis Director and coach of the IUPUI men's tennis team. He was also the Director of Tennis at Woodstock Country Club for seven years.

Rick enjoys competing and is ranked No. 1 in the U.S. in 40-and-over singles and doubles and has competed multiple times for Team USA. He's also a Top 10 player in the U.S. in pickleball singles and doubles. He has 15 Gold medals at the Pro level in singles, men's doubles, and mixed doubles, including Gold medals with Dave Weinbach and Simone Jardim. He is a two-time Gold medalist at the US Open. Rick is the proud father to three children Brittany, Peyton, and Colin who all play tennis.


Steve is the longest running tournament player from 1974 to the present. He has been teaching pickleball since 1980 and was one of the first certified pickleball instructors with an IPTPA certification. Steve is a multi-National Champion at the 5.0 level.

Steve helped his father, Arlen, invent and design the first composite pickleball paddles. This revolutionary paddle led to the creation of Pro-Lite in 1984. Steve was inducted into the pickleball hall of fame in 2019. His father, Arlen, was inducted into the inaugural class of the Pickleball Hall of Fame in 2017 along with the founders of the sport. Steve has a Masters in Education and taught Physical Education for 30 years.


• 1976 The World’s First Pickleball Championship
Silver: Singles
Silver: Men's Doubles

• 1984 or 1985 USAPA Doubles Championships
Gold: Men's Doubles

• USAPA National Championships
2010 - Silver: Singles
2011 - Gold: Men’s Doubles 50+
2011 - Silver: Singles 55+
2014 - Gold: Men’s Doubles 55+
2017 - Bronze: Singles 60+
2017 - Bronze: Men’s Doubles 60+
2019 - Bronze: Men's Doubles 5.0 60+ (with Bob Deller)

• Huntsman World Senior Games
2012 - 2015 Singles – gold (in the highest division level in all four years)

• National Senior Games
2011, 2013, 2014 - Gold: Open Men’s Doubles (with Randy Bither all three years)

• 2016 International Indoor Pickleball Championships
Gold: Mixed Doubles (with Sheila Schoonover)
Gold: Senior Men’s Doubles (in age group with Randy Bither)

Enrique Ruiz

TeamSelkirk Advisory Staff Member, Enrique Ruiz, spends his work days as a private contractor, while his leisure time is consumed with being an elite professional Pickleball player. Ruiz’ job not only allows him the flexibility to travel to the biggest tournaments throughout the country, but it enables him the time to practice and hone his skills at the sport he has perfected for the past 20 years.

Ruiz who resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife and son, is known by all his friends and playing partners as “El Condor.” This well-suited nickname was given to him because of his amazing ability to switch hands, and his long wingspan which allows Ruiz to cover a lot of space on the Pickleball court.

• 6-time National Open Champion
• National Gold Medalist in Singles, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles
• 3-time Gold Medalist in the prestigious Tournament of Champions

Deb Harrison

Deb was raised in Walpole, Massachusetts. Home of Cedar Junction formerly known as Walpole State Prison! Her sports of choice in the good old days were Field Hockey, Basketball, and Softball. She went on to major in Physical Education at The University of Massachusetts and was Captain of the Field Hockey Team and selected to the United States Field Hockey Squad from 1968-1972. Chatham High School in the state of New York was her first teaching position. She was responsible for ALL activities including all the sports she loves to do PLUS cheerleading and gymnastics. Deb received her masters degree from East Stroudsburg State College in Pennsylvania then proceeded to coach/teach at Pine Manor College in Boston, Mount Holyoke College in Northhampton, and the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. Prior to moving to The Villages in 2005, Deb co-owned a jewelry store on Cape Cod for close to 20 years and coached and taught tennis at various racquet clubs in Massachusetts.

Deb is the author of “Intense Pickleball Camp”Take it to the Next Level. She is also the creator of the ongoing instructional series on You Tube with over 90+ episodes devoted to improving your skill components: picklepongdebyoutube.

Currently, she enjoys teaching Pickleball in the Villages and loves being able to offer intense Pickleball workshops throughout the country as a traveling clinician. Pro-Lite Sports Inc. has selected Deb to represent their endeavors. As a Pro-Lite Pro she has offered workshops with Nationally acclaimed player Simone Jardim. She has traveled to San Francisco, Dallas, Minneapolis, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and all parts of Florida, (Jupiter, Clearwater, Englewood, Sarasota, Piper's Landing, Riverbend).

Sylvia Whitehouse

Sylvia Whitehouse is an IPTPA Certified instructor and a teaching pro in Florida at Pictona at Holly Hill. She is a Senior Pro who is sponsored by Selkirk Sport and has a lots of experience playing high profile tournaments.

As part of her teaching philosophy, Sylvia believes that understanding and mastering pickleball fundamentals is essential to succesfully playing an opponent. She puts an empahsis on top spin forehand combined with strategical use of dinking, 3rd or 5th shot drops or drives, blocking and resetting, transition volleys, and lobbing. Sylvia has a keen desire to teach other players what she has learned and observed while playing Pickleball.


• 2021 USAPA Mid Atlantic Regionals
Mixed Doubles 5.0: 50+
Gold: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Brad Redmon)

• 2019 US Open
Womens Doubles 5.0: 50+
Gold: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Carol Lausman)

Mixes Doubles 5.0: 50+
Bronze: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Mark Moore)

• 2019 National Senior Games
Women’s Doubles Age Group 55-59
Gold: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Jana Spano)

• 2018 US Open
Womens Doubles 4.5: 50+
Gold: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Erica Gonzalez)

Mixed Doubles 4.5: 19-49
Bronze: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Daniel Parker)

• 2017 USAPA Nationals
Mixed Doubles 4.5: 50+
Silver: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Jon Post)

• 2017 National Senior Games
Women’s Doubles Age Group 50-54
Gold: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Erica Gonzalez)

• 2017 US Open
Mixed Doubles 4.5: 50+
Gold: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Archie Adams)

4.5: 50+ Womens Doubles
Silver: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Erica Gonzalez)

• 2015-2019 Florida State Senior Games
Champion Womens Division

Jenny Butler

Jennifer Butler is an IPTPA Certified Teaching Professional and the North Carolina Junior Pickleball Training Coordinator, as well as Head Pickleball Pro at Lake Norman Tennis Center in Mooresville, North Carolina. She is a 5.0 player sponsored by Paddletek who has medaled in numerous sanctioned tournaments, and has played all over the world- Spain, England, New Zealand, and has instructed "Teach the Teachers" programs in Ireland.

Jennifer has been "jock of all trades" her entire life, being inducted into the Hall of Fame for Athletics at Washington College, playing tennis, volleyball, softball and rowing crew. After college she became an airline pilot, and has flown for 44 years (Piedmont Airlines- USAirways- American Airlines).

She is now happily enjoying her second career- teaching pickleball full time. Mastering fundamentals and developing good habits early on is the key to climbing the pickleball ladder, and her goal is to help players step up their games. Jennifer is excited to have the opportunity to help teach the Suncoast Pickleball Camp in Montreat.


• 2021 Atlanta Georgia Open PPA
Womens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 5.0:50+,60+
Gold: Jenny Butler (with Magge Camuti)

• 2021 USA Pickleball Atlantic South Regional Championship
Womens Singles (Skill/Age) 4.0, 4.5:60+
Gold: Jenny Butler

Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 5.0:50+,55+
Bronze: Jenny Butler (with Bradley Wahrendorf)

Womens Doubles (Skill/Age) 5.0:All Ages
Bronze: Jenny Butler (with Cass Rollins)

• 2021 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships
Womens Skill/Age Doubles 4.5:60+
Bronze: Jenny Butler (with Nancy Robertson)

• 2020 USA Pickleball Mid-South Regional Championships
Womens Singles - Skill/Age Groups 4.5:35+,60+
Gold: Jenny Butler

• 2020 USAPA Southwest Regional Championship
Mixed Skill/Age Doubles 5.0:60+,65+
Bronze: Jenny Butler-Barrie Hill

Womens Doubles Skill/Age 5.0:60+,65+,70+
Silver: Jenny Butler (with Chris Powers)

Bonnie Williams

Bonnie Williams is the owner of Bonnie Williams Pickleball, a pickleball instruction company in the Portland, Oregon area. She is a former NAIA All-American tennis player who had a full tennis scholarship to the College of Charleston. While rehabbing an ACL injury, Bonnie was introduced to Picklb Living in the Pacific Northwest gave Bonnie the opportunity to train and play with noted Pickleball greats, Sarah Ansbury, Wesley Gabrielsen, Enrique Ruiz, and Steve Paranto.

Teaching is a passion to Bonnie and she inherited this trait from her father, who was a high school teacher. She understands the true value of different teaching and learning styles. Bonnie enjoys the joy of the game, the community it creates and being able to share her knowledge of the game with other players.


Mixed Senior Pro Doubles
Silver: Bonnie Williams (with Dan Granot)

Womens Skill/Age Doubles 5.0:50+
Silver: Bonnie Williams (with Lisa Naumu)

Womens Skill/Age Singles 5.0:50+,60+
Silver: Bonnie Williams

Womens Doubles Senior Pro 50+
Silver: Bonnie Williams (with Christine Barksdale)

Womens Skill/Age Doubles 5.0:50+
Gold: Bonnie Williams (with Christine Barksdale)

Womens Senior Open Singles
Gold: Bonnie Williams

Senior Womens Open Doubles
Bronze: Bonnie Williams (with Jennifer Lucore)

Womens Doubles Under 60 5.0: 50+,55+ 50+
Gold: Bonnie Williams (with Christine Barksdale)

Mixed Doubles Under 60 5.0:50+
Silver: Bonnie Williams (with Hillbilly Spivey)

Womens Singles Under 60 5.0: all
Gold: Bonnie Williams

Senior Womens Doubles Pro
Bronze: Bonnie Williams (with Christine Barksdale)

Senior Womens Singles Pro
Bronze: Bonnie Williams

Womens Doubles Age 50+
Silver: Bonnie Williams (with Lisa Naumu)

Womens Senior Pro Doubles
Bronze: Bonnie Williams (with Christine Barksdale)

Mixed Skill/Age Doubles 4.0/4.5/5.0 5.0:50+
Gold: Bonnie Wiliams Williams (with Steve Cole)

Womens Skill/Age Doubles 4.0/4.5/5.0 5.0:50+
Gold: Bonnie Williams (with Kris Anderson)

Womens Skill/Age Singles 5.0:50+
Silver: Bonnie Williams

Womens Doubles Senior Open
Silver: Bonnie Williams (with Kris Anderson)

Senior Womens Doubles Pro
Silver: Bonnie Williams (with Kris Anderson)

Mixed Age/Skill Doubles 50+:5.0
Bronze: Bonnie Williams (with Brian Staub)

Womens Age/Skill Singles 50+:5.0
Gold: Bonnie Williams

Senior Open Women's Doubles
Silver: Bonnies Williams (with Jennifer Dawson)

Senior Open Mixed Doubles
Bronze: Bonnie Williams (with Brian Staub)

Senior Open Women's Doubles
Silver: Bonnie Williams (with Helle Sparre)

Senior Open Mixed Doubles
Gold: Bonnie Williams (with Brian Staub)

Womens Doubles - Age Group 50+
Silver: Bonnie Williams (with Helle Sparre)

Mixed Doubles - Age Group 50+
Gold: Bonnie Williams (with Brian Staub)

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