​Suncoast Pickleball Association Pickleball Camps

Men's 3.0 Division

1st Place-  Bill English & Al Suttles

2nd Place- Tyler Simonovich & Ian Clark

3rd Place-  William Brown & Mark Achtemeier

Women's 3.0 Division:

1st Place-  Nancy Yates & Suzanne LaPiana

2nd Place- Pat Reid Suttles & Bess Sprinkle

3rd Place-  Krishna Das & Judy Warner

Men's 3.5 Division

1st Place- Jim Brotz & Mike Tate

2nd Place- Alan Dawson & Larry Formicella

3rd Place-  Larry Seeleman & Raphael Mendel

Thanks again for playing!!!

Mixed Doubles 4.0 Division

1st Place-  Kevin Babin & Helen Hyatt

2nd Place- Derek Stewart & Jocelyn On

3rd Place-  Hal Neff & Mona Blevins

Men's 4.5 Division

1st Place-  Harley Freshour & Scott Perone

2nd Place- Chris Evans & Derek Stewart

Creekside Pickleball/Racquet Club plans to have tournaments every February & October each year!  Please come join us on our Outdoor Courts played Inside!!!  We'd love to have you play and come visit us!!!   Please go to creeksideracquetclub.com for more information!

                                        Special Thanks to our Sponsor "Engage Pickleball" for supplying the balls!!!

Women's 3.5 Division:

1st Place-  Rose Caudle & Heather Jaeger

2nd Place- Jenny Kemp & Mona Blevins

3rd Place-  Beth Ford & Tonya Hollins


Men's 4.0 Division:

1st Place-  Hal Neff & Elden McDirmit

2nd Place- Kevin Babin & Miles Ianacone

Mixed Doubles 3.0 Division

1st Place-  Al Suttles & Bess Sprinkle

2nd Place- Ian Clark & Lisa Sellers

3rd Place- Tyler Simonovich & Krishna Das

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Division

1st Place-  Joel Alnes & Carrie McDirmit

2nd Place- Raphael Mendel & Sue McPherson

3rd Place-  Richard Gaydos & Beth Ford

Thanks to all those players and spectators that made the "Battle at the Creek" a Huge Success!!!                                        Congratulations to all of our Winners below!!!