​Suncoast Pickleball Association pickleball camps

Men's 3.0 Division

1st Place-  Bill English & Al Suttles

2nd Place- Tyler Simonovich & Ian Clark

3rd Place-  William Brown & Mark Achtemeier

Women's 3.0 Division:

1st Place-  Nancy Yates & Suzanne LaPiana

2nd Place- Pat Reid Suttles & Bess Sprinkle

3rd Place-  Krishna Das & Judy Warner

Men's 3.5 Division

1st Place- Jim Brotz & Mike Tate

2nd Place- Alan Dawson & Larry Formicella

3rd Place-  Larry Seeleman & Raphael Mendel

Thanks again for playing.....Next tournament in the winter time......February or March-2020

Mixed Doubles 4.0 Division

1st Place-  Kevin Babin & Helen Hyatt

2nd Place- Derek Stewart & Jocelyn On

3rd Place-  Hal Neff & Mona Blevins

Men's 4.5 Division

1st Place-  Harley Freshour & Scott Perone

2nd Place- Chris Evans & Derek Stewart

Women's 3.5 Division:

1st Place-  Rose Caudle & Heather Jaeger

2nd Place- Jenny Kemp & Mona Blevins

3rd Place-  Beth Ford & Tonya Hollins

Men's 4.0 Division:

1st Place-  Hal Neff & Elden McDirmit

2nd Place- Kevin Babin & Miles Ianacone

Mixed Doubles 3.0 Division

1st Place-  Al Suttles & Bess Sprinkle

2nd Place- Ian Clark & Lisa Sellers

3rd Place- Tyler Simonovich & Krishna Das

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Division

1st Place-  Joel Alnes & Carrie McDirmit

2nd Place- Raphael Mendel & Sue McPherson

3rd Place-  Richard Gaydos & Beth Ford

Thanks to all those players and spectators that made the "Battle at the Creek" a Huge Success!!!                                        Congratulations to all of our Winners below!!!

            Special Thanks to our Sponsor "Engage Pickleball" for supplying the balls!!!